Nowicki KN-125 bowl cutter

The Nowicki KN-125 butcher cutter is a professional tool that has been designed specifically for smaller meat plants and slaughterhouses. This cutter is manufactured by the Nowicki company, which specializes in the production of advanced equipment for the meat industry.

The Nowicki KN-125 butcher cutter is characterized by high efficiency and reliability. It has a 57 kW motor and a capacious bowl with a capacity of 125 liters, which allows you to process a large amount of meat in a short time.

The device is made of the highest quality materials, such as stainless steel, which guarantees durability and easy cleaning. In addition, the Nowicki KN-125 butcher cutter is very easy to use, which enables fast and effective meat processing.

In short, the Nowicki KN-125 butcher cutter is the perfect tool for smaller meat processing plants and slaughterhouses that are looking for a reliable and efficient meat processing device.

  • Cutting speed at maximum speed: 131 m/sec
  • Bowl capacity: 125 liters
  • Number of knives: 6
  • Cutting revolutions of the knife head: 200-5000/min
  • Knife head mixing speed: 100-300/min
  • Bowl rotation: 2-20/min
  • Stuffing ejector rotations: 90/min
  • Water dosing: 1-200 dm3/min
  • ProducerNowicki
  • ModelKN-125
  • Power57 kW, 130A
  • Power supply400 V
  • Height1700 mm
  • Width1850 mm
  • Length2500 mm
  • Weight2400 kg
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