Multivac T200 with oxygen packaging

The Multivac T200 semi-automatic traysealer is a packaging machine that is easy to use, clean and maintain.
Thanks to its compact design, this machine can be placed in very small work areas and kitchens.
The Multivac is capable of performing a maximum of 6 cycles per minute. Depending on the configuration, results may vary.

The digital electronic control of the MC is simple and intuitive. The easy-to-clean membrane keypad is used in combination with the LCD display. All process steps are clearly shown on the easy-to-read display. Thanks to the 11 preset operating languages, MULTIVAC traysealers can be reliably operated worldwide. High-quality, precise sensors are used to determine the vacuum and inert gas values. Twenty-nine different programs for different products can be stored in the machine’s memory, which can be activated at the touch of a button.


Tray size: 187×137
11 different operating languages
Built-in Busch R5 40 m3/h vacuum pump for oxygen

  • ProducerMultivac
  • ModelT200
  • Typesemi-automatic traysealer
  • Height1515 mm
  • Width781 mm
  • Length1616 mm
  • Weight300 kg
  • Year of production2009
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