Mixer-Grinder Nadratowski MG-900/160

Nadratowski Mixer-Grinder MG-900/160 is designed for mixing and grinding feedstock for meat, vegetable, or fruit processed products, for mixing sauces, etc.

The mixing process is performed at the ambient pressure by two crossed and staggered paddles that have a function of variable speed and hand of rotation. The grinding process is performed by an appropriate set of nets and knives.

  • Producer
  • ModelMG - 900/160
  • Typemixer-grinder
  • Power42 KW
  • Power supply400 V, 50 Hz
  • Height200 cm
  • Width170 cm
  • Length182 cm
  • Weight1840 kg
  • Capacity900 liters
  • Throat diameter160 mm
  • Year of production2015