Mixer-grinder Kolbe MWE 32

The Kolbe MWE 32 grinder-mixer is a modern device used in the meat industry. It is used to crush all kinds of meats.

Proper gradation of meat can be achieved by using size-varying sieves and jerks.

The meat pressed into the machine goes directly to the screw feeder, which transports it to the so-called cutting components through a special throat located in its central part.

Each subassembly is made of high-grade stainless steel, which is resistant to water. Knives, nets, as well as a regulating ring, are resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, the so-called wolf throats and bearing deposits are made of a uniform casting material that further protects the device from damage.

Each device, depending on individual needs, can be equipped with additional two or three-leaf knives.

The drive system of the device is based on a practical cylindrical transmission, and in order to reduce the noise generated during operation, the transmission of the drive is carried out by means of v-belts.

The Kolbe MWE 32 was equipped with a number of safety features, the overriding task of which is to ensure the safety of the user during the work. Simplified construction greatly facilitates cleaning of the wolf-mixer. The manufacturer eliminated protruding edges from it, as well as problematic during cleaning, narrow cavities.

Combining functionality, as well as modern appearance, the machine is ideal for both meat plant and dog food production.

  • Producer
  • ModelMWE 32
  • Typegrinder with mixing arm
  • Power6.6 kW
  • Height1330 mm
  • Width770 mm
  • Length1350 mm
  • Weight500 kg
  • Tank capacity120 litres
  • MaterialStainless
  • Throat diameter100 mm