Meat tumbler with cooling coat - Inject Star Magnum 2600

Designed to meet the needs of large and industrial sized meat and poultry processors, our stainless steel Magnum 2600 massager is equipped with a uniquely designed baffle that rotates and slides the product throughout the drum during processing. This results in the product remaining against the walls and baffles of the drum versus the actual “tumbling” delivered by competitor models. The advantage is a more gentle massaging action while extracting protein in a highly efficient manner under constant vacuum. Double jacketed cooling is also available on our Magnum 2600 to compensate for the temperature rise that occurs during the massaging process.

– New transmission
– New tumbler bearings
– New engine bearings
– Vacuum pump after major service
– The cooling unit has been completely serviced with the R22 refrigerant
– The entire system is deaerated and the machine is fully filled with glycol
– New inverter with a guarantee programmed and integrated with the entire machine
– New Mikster MCM 023 controller with a guarantee
– All wiring harnesses are new
– The machine is sprouted
– Temperature sensor (possibility to set the desired temperature in the controller)

Manufacturer Inject Star
Model Magnum 2600
Type tumbler with cooling coat
Power supply 400 V / 50 Hz
Capacity 2800 litres
Height 220 cm
Width 180 cm
Length 350 cm
Weight 2000 kg
Obroty Drum Speed 1-16 rpm