Meat grinder 130 mm

Meat grinder 130 is intended for grinding all kinds of meat, depending on the type of sieves and jerks used, an appropriate gradation can be obtained.

The meat delivered to the loading bowl goes to the worm feeder, which feeds it through a throat to the cutting units. Under the pressure created by the screw feeder, the meat is further processed by the cutting unit, consisting of knives, meshes and adjusting rings made of high-grade steel.

As a standard, the meat grinder is equipped with a set of four-wing knives.

The device has a solid body, on which the loading bowl is supported. Wolf’s throat, hopper and bearing seats are an integral whole, made of a single stainless steel casting. The drive system is based on helical gearbox and in order to reduce the noise of the device the transmission is carried out by means of wedge belts.

The design eliminates edges and hard-to-reach recesses for easy cleaning. With a view to protecting the user, the machine has been equipped with a specially designed safety system ensuring safe operation. The highest quality of workmanship of each component guarantees reliable operation of the meat grinder.

  • Producer
  • Typeindustrial meat grinder
  • Power11 kW
  • Power supply400V 50Hz 3N
  • Height1150 mm
  • Width850 mm
  • Length1150 mm
  • Weight450 kg
  • MaterialStainless
  • Throat diameter130 mm
  • Year of production2021