Marelec Portio 3 Portion Cutter

Introducing the Marelec Portio 3 portion cutter, designed for precise portioning of various meat cuts including steaks, strip loin, rib eye, tenderloin, and more. Utilizing advanced technology with three camera/laser combinations, it ensures accurate scanning for consistent vertical cuts to programmed weights.

Key features and benefits:

  • Enhanced yield optimization
  • Unmatched precision
  • Modular belt for versatility
  • Expandable options for customization
  • Intuitive software interface for user convenience
  • MATRIX P production reports for insights
  • Exceptional hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Reliable service support
  • Low noise operation
  • Lanes: 1
  • Cameras: 3
  • Belt Width: 254 mm
  • Max. Product Dimensions: 800x240x150 mm
  • Max. Cutting Rate: 17 cuts/sec

The fixed-weight portion cutter, Portio 3, employs cutting-edge top and side cameras to assess the volume of rounded meat primals accurately. Adaptable bolt-on options ensure flexibility throughout the machine’s lifespan, aligning with your evolving applications and processes.

  • ProducerMarelec
  • ModelPortio 3
  • Power6 kW
  • Power supply400V / 50Hz / 3P
  • Height1569 mm
  • Width1307 mm
  • Length3425 mm
  • Weight1050 kg
  • Year of production2015
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