Marel TSM Profiler

The Marel TSM2 Profiler is a cutting-edge template slicing machine that revolutionizes portioning in the food-service industry. Designed to produce consistent and identical portions, this innovative solution empowers processors to enhance the value of their portion-controlled products.

Built with robustness and accuracy in mind, the TSM2 Profiler ensures reliable and precise slicing. Its advanced template technology enables processors to create portions of the exact same size, leading to improved product consistency and presentation. By delivering uniform portions, this machine helps processors maintain high-quality standards and meet customer expectations consistently.

One of the key advantages of the TSM2 Profiler is its ability to increase the value of portion-controlled products. With this machine, processors can achieve precise portion sizes and weights, providing better cost control and reducing waste. By offering consistent portions, processors can enhance the marketability of their products and attract new food-service customers who demand portions that were previously unavailable.

The TSM2 Profiler opens up new opportunities for food-service providers, allowing them to cater to a wider range of customers and applications. Its versatility and precision enable processors to meet the specific portioning needs of various food-service establishments, including restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and more.

With its combination of innovation, robustness, and accuracy, the Marel TSM2 Profiler is the ultimate solution for processors seeking to optimize portion control and tap into new markets. Experience the benefits of this advanced template slicing machine and unlock the potential of your portion-controlled products in the food-service industry

  • ProducerMarel
  • ModelTSM2-C165 Profiler
  • Power3kW
  • Power supply16A / 400V / 50Hz
  • Height1350mm
  • Width1050mm
  • Length3900mm
  • Weight900kg
  • Year of production2003
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