Marel Target Batcher

Target Batcher is a semi-automatic batching machine that produces fixed weight or fixed weight and number portions.

The Marel TBL-3000 is highly accurate, fast, compact and economical. It is ideal for producing a wide range of portion sizes and can be used for many products. It is often used to dispense products into customer packages and can create portions of up to 6 kg.

The M3000 controller is used to control the target dispenser. It features a large color graphic display and a rugged keypad with touch buttons. The stainless steel housing is waterproof (IP67).

Via a network connection, the controller can be connected to other Marel devices in larger processing systems.

  • Producer
  • ModelTBL-3000
  • Power1 kW
  • Power supply3 x 400 V (AC) + N + PE
  • Height1620 mm
  • Width790 mm
  • Length3130 mm
  • Weight330 kg
  • Year of production2008