Marel Compact Grader CG60

Marel Compact Grader is designed for sorting fresh and frozen products. Compact Grader can work alone or as part of a technology line.

Compact Grader has a capacity of 120 pieces per minute for products in the range of 40g to 3000g.

Marel CG60 sorts products up to 40 cm long and 25 cm wide in up to 6 different classes. As the elements move along the tape, the arms quickly tilt and pull the element into the huge for its class.

Installing compact grader Marel is simple: after a quick installation, it is ready to connect and start.

  • Producer
  • ModelGRA-PA32-CG60
  • TypeCompacy Grader
  • Power0.5 kW
  • Power supply230 V
  • Height1250 mm
  • Length2920 mm
  • Weight185 kg