Lutetia T5

Take your marinating, tenderizing, and flavor infusion to new heights with the industry-leading Lutetia T5 Vacuum Tumbler, ideal for medium and large-scale meat processors. This innovative equipment delivers exceptional results, boosting efficiency and product quality.

Key Features:

Unmatched Capacity: Handle large batches effortlessly, accommodating 3,800 to 4,000 kg of meat and brine combined.
Dual Drive Motors: Ensure consistent tumbling action and optimal performance for even the toughest cuts.
Precision Control: Programmable settings with variable speed drive allow you to tailor tumbling parameters to your exact needs.
Durable Construction: Built with robust stainless steel for lasting reliability and hygiene.
Space-Efficient Design: Compact footprint (3.500 x 2.050 x 2.450 mm) maximizes your production space.
Impressive Capacity: Boasts a 6.750-liter drum volume for efficient processing of large quantities.

Boost Efficiency and Quality:

Achieve deeper marination and enhanced tenderness compared to traditional methods.
Reduce processing time and labor costs with automated operation.
Minimize oxidation and ensure product freshness with vacuum technology.
Produce consistently delicious and visually appealing end products that stand out from the competition.

The Lutetia T5 Vacuum Tumbler is ideal for:

Medium and large-scale meat processors seeking to optimize production and deliver superior quality products.
Producers of sausages, kebabs, hams, bacon, poultry, and other marinated meats.
Businesses looking to scale up their operations and meet growing demand.
Invest in the Lutetia T5 and experience the difference in your meat processing!

  • Capacity (meat + brine): 3.800 to 4.000 kg
  • Two drive motors
  • Programmer control with variable speed drive
  • ProducerLutetia
  • ModelT5
  • Height2450 mm
  • Width2050 mm
  • Length3500 mm
  • Weight3000 kg
  • Capacity6750 l