Lutetia T2 vacuum tumbler

Looking for an efficient and reliable meat processing machine? Check out the Lutetia T2 – a large-capacity industrial vacuum tumbler that will improve your production.

Renovated for optimum performance

Originally manufactured by Lutetia, this model has been carefully refurbished to ensure the highest quality of operation. Key improvements include the replacement of all bearings and the installation of a new Busch vacuum pump. As a result, you are assured that the T2 tumbler will run smoothly and efficiently for many years.

Technical specifications:

Capacity: 1650 litres
Year of manufacture: Refurbished in 2022 (replaced parts: housings, Busch vacuum pump, bearings, etc.).

Features and improvements:
Vacuum system: fitted with a new powerful Busch pump for better vacuum performance.
Bearings: All bearings have been replaced, ensuring smooth operation and extended machine life.
Large capacity: With a capacity of 1650 litres, the Lutetia T2 can handle large batches of meat, perfect for the meat processing industry.
Robust design: Built for heavy use in demanding environments, the T2’s design guarantees durability and reliability.

The Lutetia T2 is the perfect choice for companies looking for a reliable and efficient meat vacuum tumbler to streamline their production process.

  • ProducerLutetia
  • ModelT2
  • Power5.4 kW
  • Power supply400 V
  • Height1800 mm
  • Width1200 mm
  • Length2520 mm
  • Weight1000 kg
  • Capacity1650 l
  • Year of productionreb. 2022