Loma IQ3 metal detector

Used Loma IQ3 Metal detector.

The use of metal detectors guarantees absolute purity of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in terms of metal impurities, while protecting production machinery from damage during processing.

These devices are a guarantee of food production without ferromagnetic contamination and safe operation of machines and processing equipment. They are seen by most manufacturers of various food product groups as an essential part of any effective quality control system. An effective metal detection process provides protection against defective products and possible recalls, and helps to reduce overall production costs.

Aperture: 550×290 mm

Belt width: 505 mm

  • ProducerLoma
  • ModelIQ3
  • Typespożywczy wykrywacz metali
  • Height1250 mm
  • Width1100 mm
  • Length1800 mm
  • Weight400 kg
  • Year of production2009
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