Length Portioning Device Vemag LPG208 Servo

The LPG208 servo length portioning machine links sausages with the utmost accuracy in length and weight. It produces cooked and raw sausages in natural, collagen and cellulose casings within the calibre range of 13 to 40+ mm.

When it comes to fast sausages, the new LPG208 servo length portioning machine is the right choice. Complex requirements can be controlled by just one machine. • Linking and transfer to additional hanging or separating machines • Natural, collagen, polyamid or cellulose casing • Cooked, raw or fresh sausages An all-round solution for (almost) all sausage production requirements. And now: with new fully automatic casing pusher. This allows the high speed of the LPG208 servo to be put to even better use — always the ideal advance on the casings and considerably shorter casing change times than with conventional solutions. It really could not be more simple and economical.

Suitable vacuum fillers: DP10E, DP12E, HP10L, HP10E, HP25E, HP30E

Manufacturer Vemag
Model LPG 208 servo
Type Length Portioning Device
Power 400-460 V, 220-240 V, 575 V
Height 140 cm
Width 82 cm
Length 160 cm
Year 2011