K+G Wetter SM45 Cutter

The K+G Wetter “K+G Wetter SM 45 STL” bowl cutter is a powerful and efficient machine designed for meat processing. It offers several features to enhance productivity and ease of use.

The cutter comes with a 45-liter stainless steel bowl and bowl cover, ensuring durability and meeting hygiene standards. It also includes a noise reduction cover to minimize noise levels during operation.

For safety, the knife shaft is equipped with an electrically operated brake, allowing for quick and secure stops. The integrated main switch and electric control cabinet provide easy access to control functions through a membrane keypad.

The cutter offers a variable knife speed of up to 5,000 rpm, allowing for precise adjustments based on different ingredients and requirements. It also features two bowl speeds and mixing speeds in both forward and reverse directions, ensuring thorough blending and cutting.

The knife head of the cutter is equipped with six knives, enabling efficient and consistent chopping results. With its robust construction and advanced features, the K+G Wetter SM 45 STL bowl cutter is a reliable choice for meat processing operations.

  • ProducerK+G Wetter
  • ModelSM45
  • Power supply350V / 50Hz / 33A
  • Height1460mm
  • Width1260mm
  • Length1300mm
  • Weight770kg
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