ITEC box tipper

The Itec 27200 is a modern and reliable box dump truck that will help you automate the processes of loading and unloading boxes in your warehouse or production facility. This advanced tipper is specially designed to ensure efficiency, reliability and safety in daily use.

One of the key features of the Itec 27200 tipper is its sturdy construction, made of durable materials such as stainless steel, which guarantees long-lasting performance and resistance to damage. As a result, the tipper is able to meet the demands of even the most intensive bin unloading operations.

The Itec 27200 is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system that ensures smooth and precise rotation of the box pallet. The system is easy to operate and ensures optimal use of time and resources, thanks to its adjustable tipping angle.

The tipper is equipped with special safety features, such as an anti-crash lock and a lock to prevent accidental start-up, which ensure maximum operational safety. In addition, ergonomic design features, such as a convenient operating platform, make it easier to use the tipper and minimize the risk of accidents.

All in all, the Itec 27200 crate tipper is a modern solution that will provide you with efficiency, reliability and safety in your crate unloading processes.

  • Producer
  • Model27200
  • Power supply1,5kW / 50Hz / 400V
  • Height2400 mm
  • Width2000 mm
  • Length2200 mm
  • Year of production2015
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