InjectStar ES1100 Vacuum Tumbler

The InjectStar ES1100 is the ideal solution for efficiently marinating and tumbling large batches of beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. Its spacious 1100-liter drum capacity allows you to process significant quantities while ensuring consistent results.

Enhanced Flavor & Texture: The innovative design of the ES1100, featuring frequency drive control and spiral flighting, optimizes marinade absorption. This translates to deeper flavor penetration and superior tenderness in your final product, impressing your customers with every bite.

Simplified Operation: The fixed horizontal design and user-friendly emptying system, achieved by rotating the drum to the right, streamline your workflow. This minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency in your busy factory.

  • ProducerInject Star
  • ModelES1100
  • Power2,2 kW
  • Power supply380V / 50Hz
  • Height2000 mm
  • Width1400 mm
  • Length2100 mm
  • Weight700 kg
  • Tank capacity1100 l
  • Capacity550kg
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