The ILPRA FoodPack Speedy packing machine is a fully automatic traysealer manufactured in 2006.
The traysealer is made of stainless steel and complies with IP 65 protection standards.

The FoodPack Speedy is a compact machine with high production efficiency. The device is very easy to operate and, thanks to its design and tightness class, is also easy to keep clean.

The machine can be personalized and has a large range of expansions and additional options such as; tray trays, product dispensers, labeling machines, etc.

Full control of tray travel speed allows for safe packaging of liquid products. Ilpra ProGas technology, which is standard in this model, guarantees higher production speed and thus higher efficiency.

This machine is equipped with a Busch RA vacuum pump 63m3/h.


This machine is supplied with 4 forms.

Form 1: 2x tray measuring 260 x 160 x variable depth max. 100 mm
Form 2: 2x tray measuring 180 x 180 x variable depth max. 100 mm
Form 3: 2x tray measuring 235 x 135 x variable depth max. 100 mm
Form 4: 2x round cup 145 variable depth, max. 100 mm

Manufacturer ILPRA
Model Speedy
Type Automatic traysealer
Power supply 400 V, 50 Hz
Power 6 kW
Efficiency 10 cycles per minute
Height 1576 mm
Width 932 mm
Length 2867 mm
Weight 680 kg
Main material stainless steel
Year 2006