Ilapak Flowpack Delta 4000 3SS With Zipper – 2013

Horizontal machine, with bottom-fed film, with “long dwell” sealing system.

The machine creates packages with 3 welds (3SS) and classic pillow type. The ability to apply strings to reopen and close packages. Drive the machine through servo motors.

Colorful 10 inch touch display, user friendly interface. Up to 128 packing programs can be remembered. Completely automatic adjustment of most parameters packing room after changing the selected program. Possibility to synchronize the machine with external devices (printer, labeler, etc.)

Service mode for diagnosing machine errors. Precise temperature control.

The function “there is no product – there is no package”, the function of detecting the wrong position of the product in front of the welding jaws.

Two self-centering film rollers, with automatic film change. Design that allows the machine to be kept clean easily.

PACKAGING TYPES:3 SS with string and standard pillow.


This system is based on 6 lanes, the speeds of which vary depending on the influx of the product. This allows the product to be put at the right distances into the packaging machine. Each belt is equipped with a separate engine and a set of photocells to control the influx of products.


The new film is automatically attached to the end of the old film, so that the machine’s continued operation is achieved. With this system, there are no machine stops to replace the film.

Machine capacity approx. 100 pcs. depending on the weldability of the film and the characteristics of the product.

Maximum product size: 500 x 120 x 150 mm

Film cutting length: 150-600 mm

Film width: max 500 mm

  • ProducerIlapak
  • ModelDelta 4000 3SS
  • Typeflowpack
  • Power20 kW
  • Power supply220-480V, 50hZ
  • Length720 cm
  • Weight1500 kg
  • Year of production2013
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