Ice flake generator Karpowicz WLK-1000

The Karpowicz flake ice generator is a machine for producing ice in the form of flakes with a capacity of 1,000 kilograms per day.

The flakes with a temperature of approx. -9⁰ C and 0.8 mm thick are ideal for use in butchering machines and product cooling.

Construction: the flake ice maker is a free-standing machine made of acid-resistant steel, with the cooling unit built-in or mounted outside the housing. The design makes it easy to maintain hygiene.


  • ProducerKarpowicz
  • ModelWLK-1000
  • Typeflake ice maker/ice flake generator
  • Power5 kW
  • Height1400mm
  • Width900 mm
  • Length1080
  • Weight340 kg
  • Year of production2010
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