Handtmann VF620 Vacuum Filler

Handtmann VF 620 vacuum stuffing machine from 2005 (refurbished in 2024). Are you looking for a versatile and efficient vacuum stuffing machine for medium to large production? We have the perfect option for you – the Handtmann VF 620 model from 2005, which underwent a major refurbishment in 2024 and is ready for immediate operation!

Why choose the Handtmann VF 620 filling machine?

Versatility: The machine can be used for a wide range of applications, including automatic sausage production, moulding, batching and mincing.

Productivity: the VF 620 filling machine offers an impressive filling capacity of up to 6,000 kg/h, making it ideal for companies looking to increase production.

Precision: The integrated feed system with a pump rotor and 12 paddles ensures precise dosing of the stuffing, guaranteeing excellent quality of the final product.

Wide portioning range: the machine allows portioning of stuffing from 25g to 200g to suit different production needs.

High portioning and binding capacity: the VF 620 stuffing machine can operate at a speed of 220 to 700 portions per minute, ensuring high productivity and efficiency.

Ease of operation: The machine is controlled via an intuitive PCK 3 (colour) control panel, making it easy to operate and set up.

Expandability: The stuffing machine can interface with various clipping machines (PolyClip, Alpina, Tipper Tie, Beck and others) and Handtmann “AL” sausage production lines (Can and Sercos control).

Integrated weight compensation: This system ensures accurate portioning, eliminating the risk of underweight or overweight product.

Refurbished in 2024: The machine underwent a major overhaul in 2024, guaranteeing that it is in perfect working order and ready for use.


Technical data:

  • Filling capacity: 6,000 kg/h
  • Filling pressure: 40 bar
  • Tank capacity: 200 litres (meat trolley)
  • Feeding system: Pump rotor with 12 blades and integrated weight compensation
  • Portioning range: 25 g – 200 g
  • Portioning and binding capacity: 220 – 700 portions/min
  • Control: PCK 3 (colour)
  • Mincing head: GD 93-5
  • ProducerHandtmann
  • ModelVF620
  • Height2250mm
  • Width1400mm
  • Length2400mm
  • Weight1400kg
  • Year of production2005 (refb. 2024)
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