Handtmann VF 610 with HV 412 holding device

Handtmann VF 610 2006 year and holding device HV 412 2013 year in excellent condition.

With performance plus points
Performance plus points for small-scale producers with frequent product changes, lunch menus, catering… The VF 610 copes easily with large batches and is also suitable for a large range of products.

Large range of applications
The VF 610 is ideally suited to the production of pasty products, portioned accurately to the gram – from traditional sausage and meat products to convenience foods for the hot food bar, for lunch menus, for catering and much more.

Versatile and flexible
A high degree of versatility and gentle portioning for all products in all types of casing or other containers, including very firm dry sausage meat. It demonstrates its flexibility in conjunction with auxiliary devices such as a holding device, casing spooling device, dosing head or clippers.

Especially for small-scale producers and natural casing
The 412 holding device has been developed especially for small-scale producers. Natural casing applications are its strength, while it is also suitable for overlapped natural casings.

Just the right equipment options
Depending on the application, the HV 412 can be used with suitable equipment options, such as a normal or cocktail version deflecting device, without deflecting rollers with the natural casing version and special linking nozzles incl. sausage casing brake in sizes ranging from 8 to 28 mm.

Productivity increase due to automatic linking
The holding device is perfect for the automatic linking of natural casing products as well as for collagen and artificial casings, and offers first-class advantages in day-to-day use.