Grinder-mixer Velati 1000 liters

The Velati grinder-mixer device was created for the production of finished meat products. The technology and selection of blades allows for fast and effective fragmentation and mixing of meat, which is prepared for further processing. The device significantly accelerates the production process in food and meat processing plants.

Top Quality Components – Model TM 180

The Velati grinder with mixing arms is made of the best raw materials, which, working together, allow you to achieve a satisfactory effect. In addition, a capacity of 1000 litres at a capacity of 1500-3000 kg/h will work in any meat processing plant. The durable stainless steel used to make the device is resistant to external influences. A throat width of up to 180 mm allows you to work effectively with the initial product. This is an important simplification in the development of the final product. The grinding head mixer, thanks to the use of modern blades and nets, effectively crushes the raw material, allowing to obtain a high-quality final product, which will certainly stand out among the competition on the market.

Efficient production thanks to the technology used – wolf with agitator

The grinding head mixer, thanks to the technology used, is ideal not only for the production of mortadeli, but also for salami and hamburgers, which significantly develops the potential production process. With a strong engine that allows five knives and five grids to operate harmoniously alternately so that production runs quickly and efficiently. The TM 180 is made of high-quality materials and uses robust components that are responsible for the success of the entire production process. The TM 180 mixers with grinding head manufactured by Velati are mandatory equipment for a modern meat plant. The machine is ideal for smaller and medium-sized processing plants.

  • Producer
  • ModelTM 180
  • Typegrinder with mixing arms
  • Power55 kW
  • Power supply400v
  • Height195 cm
  • Width110 cm
  • Length335 cm
  • Weight2000 kg
  • Capacity1000 litres
  • MaterialStainless
  • Minimum product temperature-4 degrees Celsius
  • Throat diameter180 mm