Freeze drum skinner Nock TFE350A

The NOCK Freeze Drum Skinner TFE 350 fish skinning machine with freeze drum technology, in which NOCK puts his long time fish skinning technology compentence and his know how in refrigeration technology from the construction of the NOCK scale ice machines. These results in fish skinning machines with reliable German machine engineering, high quality, high energy efficiency, easy cleaning and compact dimension. Above this the service friendly construction causes low follow-up costs.


Cutting width: 370 mm

Conveyor belt width: 350 mm

Cutting speed: 17m/min

Max. product height: 40 mm

Skinning depth: 0-10 mm stepless

Freeze drum diameter: 450 mm

Cooling agent: R449A

  • ProducerNock
  • ModelTFE350A
  • Typefreeze drum skinner
  • Power5,5 kW
  • Power supply400V
  • Height1500 mm
  • Width1550 mm
  • Length2600 mm
  • Weight660 kg
  • Year of production2017
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