Food thermoformer ILPRA Formpack Easyform

Thanks to the constant research and to the consolidated experience of ILPRA, the new Easyform model has been improved both in design and components: the forming moulds and sealing are now of new conception.

Also, the working area, which has been enlarged compared to the previous Easyform version, is now more performing and allows high production capacities.

The machine is an excellent packaging solution for the food and medical sectors. Like all ILPRA models, the new Easyform can be customized with various accessories, its start-up and program management is extremely intuitive and immediate.

This model can work in only sealing, vacuum, protected atmosphere. The new Easyform stands out for its exceptional quality/price ratio and is the result of more than 60 years of ILPRA experience in offering competitive solutions that enhance our customers’ products.

Film width: 420 mm

Max. pitch: 300 mm


The Ilpra machine is delivered with 2 forms:

4 × 1: tray dimensions 178 × 127 mm (variable depth with max. 100 mm)
2 × 1: tray dimensions 238 × 152 mm (variable depth with max. 130 mm)

  • Producer
  • ModelFormpack Easyform
  • Typethermoforming machine
  • Power supply400 V
  • Height1690 mm
  • Width1170 mm
  • Length4000 mm ×1,170×1,690
  • Vacuum pumpBusch 300m3/h
  • Year of production2018
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