Flowpack Reepack ReeFlow 4S – 2016

Mechanical speed of the machine: up to 30 m/min.

During production with packaging 150 mm long, the machine shows a maximum capacity of 130 pcs./min.

Max. package width – 250 mm – is limited by the width of the cross-cutting knife (heater width 260 mm)

Min. width as it stands – 140 mm limits the table top between the rollers

Package length limited in the program from 100 to 800 mm

Maximum product height up to 25 mm

Integrated 830 mm introductory transporter;

System no product – no packaging (with dual photocell system);

Double rolls of film application (top and bottom);

Longitudinal welding station with 4 pairs of Teflon-coated welding rollers with temperature control;

Cross weed jaw temperature from 0 to 220 °C

Set of roller knives cut off the side bars of the film;

800 mm automatic receiving transporter with smooth tape;

SIEMENS SIMOTION PLC with 8″ touch colour operator panel;

SERVO 6-axle motor drives;

Brushless motors with greater efficiency

Manual film centering

Photocell with printed film positioning system (PEC) for bottom or top film

Vacuum vacuum cleaner cut off edge strips of film.

Vacuum system with Busch vacuum pump 20 m³/h

Preparing to connect a VIDEOJET printer

Preparation for installation and connection of gas analyzer with alarm in the control of the packer

  • Producer
  • ModelReeFlow 4s
  • TypeFlowpacking machine
  • Power supply400 V, 50 Hz
  • Height1710 mm
  • Width1460 mm
  • Length3180 mm
  • Year of production2016
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