Flaker for frozen meat blocks Lakidis FR100

Every industrial food manufacturer needs a cutting machine. The FR-100 from Lakidis focuses on quality, efficiency and safety when processing frozen blocks.

The Lakidis FR100 flaker is a semi-automatic machine that uses a specially designed stainless steel rotor to cut frozen meat blocks into flakes. Feeding the product is carried out using a special guide, whereby the own weight of the product is used for cutting.

Feeding frozen meat blocks to the machine is carried out from the rear, which avoids direct contact of the operator with the knives.

The FR100 frozen meat flaker has two working speeds. The stable and robust machine made entirely of stainless steel is electronically controlled and equipped with all the necessary safety modules.

Maximum block dimensions: 53×22 cm


  • ProducerLAKIDIS
  • ModelFR100
  • Typemeat blocks flaker
  • Power5.5 kW
  • Power supply3x380 V, 50 Hz
  • Height182 cm
  • Width97 cm
  • Length200 cm
  • Weight650 kg
  • Minimum product temperature-18 degrees Celsius
  • Year of production2022
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