Fam Yuran belt slicer

Cutting machine designed for cutting various fruit, vegetable and meat products, from frozen products to chilled or hot cooked products. High yield in cutting products such as peppers, spinach and dried tomatoes.

The offered cube is equipped with knives for cutting strips with a width of 9.6 mm and a length of 40 mm. In addition, it is armed with the so-called. “stars” to improve the flow of the product.


Machine capabilities:

After buying a suitable transverse head with more knives, the machine can perform other cutting:

-in the case of fruit and vegetables, the machine makes a striped cut and a cube, e.g. 4.8 mm x 4.8 mm

-in the case of meat – in addition to shreds.

The shredding effect is achieved by a wide range of cutting units that tear cooked meat and poultry into small, medium or thick pieces.


Features of the machine:

  • Quickly change from one cut size to another with multi-key cutting tools. No keys or other tools are required.
  • Integrated electrical control panel with frequency control for greater flexibility of cutting sizes and increased efficiency.
  • The drive zone and the product zone of the machine are completely separated. This allows you to quickly and precisely clean the machine.
  • Safety switches prevent fam yuran from working when one of its covers or doors is still open.


We attach spare parts to the machine:

  • new tapes – 5 pcs.
  • set of circular knives
  • double-edged transverse head
  • disc head
  • all necessary drive modes


  • Producer
  • ModelYuran
  • Typebelt-cube
  • Power7.5 kW
  • Power supply400v
  • Weight600 kg
  • MaterialStainless
  • Dimensions2474 x 840 x 1333 mm
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