Dicer Treif Felix 100

The Treif Felix slicer is an industrial food slicer. This compact dice and strip machine opens up a spectrum of possibilities and is ideal for industrial areas where emphasis is placed on the quality and quantity of sliced foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits, fish and cheese.

What makes it stand out?

The Treif Felix slicer has a wide range of advantages that distinguish it from other industrial food slices available on the market:

  • thanks to the use of DHS (dynamic hydraulic system), the cut products retain freshness for longer,
  • the drive is automatically synchronized as soon as the machine is started,
  • spacious cutting chamber allows trouble-free loading without pre-cutting,
  • the possibility of preparing a large amount of the product in a short time,
  • ease and speed of operation,
  • possibility to choose different level of friction,
  • precise cutting of even the most delicate products.

The automatic meat slicer allows meat to be processed with the same precision as other food products. Bacon, ham, sausage and other meat can be cut just as easily as cheese, fish, vegetables or fruits.

What do you gain with the Treif Felix slice?

The Treif Felix industrial slicer offers you a wide range of applications and optimal product compression. Thanks to the compact size of the machine, the machine is adapted for use by smaller companies. Precise cutting of delicate products guarantees no loss, and the fast click&go exchange allows you to replace the grids in seconds.

  • Producer
  • ModelFELIX 100-CE
  • Type2710
  • Power1 kW
  • Power supply400 V, 50 Hz
  • Height105 cm
  • Width102 cm
  • Length72 cm
  • Weight174 kg
  • Year of production2000
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