Detectronic 606 Metal Detector

Testing of products, semi-finished products and finished raw materials for metal contamination is crucial not only for the manufacturer’s reliability and consumer safety, but also for the absence of a risk of damage to machinery by such contamination. The Detectronic 606 food metal detector provides the highest quality of service due to its high degree of detection. A product that is on a tape moving within the machine where the metal will be detected will stop the machine. This therefore ensures high precision, as you do not need to check the entire tape to get where the contamination is located. The equipment can detect the different types of metals that may accidentally be found in the product – aluminum, iron, steel and others.

Detectronic is a Danish company that has been producing food metal detectors for more than 30 years. They are suitable for all types of products. It is a suitable detector for dry products, wet, hot and cold products, and even frozen, as well as a suitable metal detector for meat. It is equipped with the latest technologies when it comes to detecting even trace amounts of metals. In addition, it is robust, made of materials that are easy to keep clean and that do not get fast cushioned.

It is one of the best food metal detectors on the market. It is easy to use, intuitive, allows you to set the right parameters and ensures the highest precision.

Manufacturer Detectronic
Model 606
Type metal detector
Height 125 cm
Width 135 cm
Length 80 cm
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