Carnitech Twin Line Pinbone remover

Boost your fish processing efficiency with this reliable and gentle Carnitech Pinbone Remover. This used machine removes pin bones quickly and effectively, ensuring premium product quality and increased yield.

Here’s what makes this pinbone remover exceptional:

Efficient processing: Removes pin bones from up to 36 fillets per minute (18 per lane)
Gentle handling: Minimizes meat waste with a ruler-guided system that secures each fillet
Versatile operation: Handles a wide range of fillet sizes (0.5 kg to 3-4 kg)
Easy to use: Requires only one operator and is simple to clean due to its stainless steel construction
Durable design: Built to last with high-quality materials

Water consumption: 12 liters/min

Invest in this Carnitech Pinbone Remover and experience the benefits of:
Increased productivity
Reduced waste
Improved product quality
Simplified operations

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your fish processing capabilities!

  • ProducerCarnitech
  • ModelPinbone Remover
  • Power supply 3x400V + N + PE, 50 HZ fuse 16A
  • Weight150kg
  • Year of production2003
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