Carnitech CT3224 Double Shaft Paddle Mixer / Grinder

The Carnitech CT3224 Double Shaft Paddle Mixer/Grinder is designed to deliver exceptional results in the mixing and grinding of various ingredients. It is equipped with two mixing shafts and robust grinding blades, ensuring efficient particle reduction and consistent blending of products.

This device stands out for its reliability and efficiency. Constructed with high-quality materials and a sturdy build, the Carnitech CT3224 Mixer/Grinder offers long-lasting durability and minimal operating costs. No matter the type of product you need to mix or grind, this model is designed to meet your specific requirements.

The Carnitech CT3224 Double Shaft Paddle Mixer/Grinder features an advanced control system, allowing for easy adjustment of mixing and grinding parameters. This provides you with complete control over the process, enabling you to customize it according to your individual needs and preferences.

This essential equipment finds its application in the food industry, particularly in meat and fish processing plants, as well as in the production of animal feed and food products. The Carnitech CT3224 Double Shaft Paddle Mixer/Grinder is not just a versatile tool but also a guarantee of high quality and efficiency in your production line.

  • ProducerCarnitech
  • ModelCT3224
  • Height2700mm
  • Width1500mm
  • Length2037mm
  • Weight3500kg
  • Year of production2004