Carnitech CT2611 filleting machine

Boost your fish processing efficiency and yield with the Carnitech CT2611 Northern Light filleting machine.

This high-performance machine is renowned for its:

Versatility: Handles a wide variety of fish species.
Efficiency: Maximizes yield and reduces processing time.
Precision: Delivers clean, consistent fillets with minimal waste.
Durability: Built for long-lasting, reliable operation.

The CT2611 is ideal for processors seeking to:

  • Increase production capacity.
  • Enhance product quality and consistency.
  • Minimize labor costs.

Invest in the Carnitech CT2611 and experience the difference in your fish processing operation.

Capacity: Up to 20 fish/min (depends on fish size)

Size Range: 1.5-7 kg.

  • ProducerCarnitech
  • ModelCT2611
  • Height1850 mm
  • Width1250 mm
  • Length1550 mm
  • Year of production2002
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