Bowlcutter Nowicki Typhoon KN-60

Nowicki Typhoon KN 60 is an advanced bowl cutter that is designed specifically for professional butchers and meat processors. This state-of-the-art cutter is an excellent tool that will allow you to process meat accurately and efficiently in your facility.

One of the most important elements of the Nowicki Typhoon KN 60 bowlcutter is its reliable 18.5 kW engine, which ensures efficiency and reliability during long-term operation. With this power, the cutter is able to process even larger quantities of meat easily and efficiently.

Nowicki Typhoon KN 60 is equipped with an advanced cutting system that guarantees precise cutting of the product.

The Nowicki Typhoon KN 60 butcher cutter was also designed with ergonomics and work safety in mind. Convenient and intuitive controls allow precise operation of the cutter. In addition, the cutter is equipped with safeguards to prevent accidental start-up and special guards to ensure maximum safety at work.

The Nowicki Tajfun KN 60 butcher cutter is also easy to maintain and clean. Made of durable materials, it provides long-lasting performance and is resistant to damage and corrosion. The simple design allows for quick and easy cleaning after use.

In conclusion, the Nowicki Tajfun KN 60 butcher cutter is an advanced tool that will allow you to process meat in your plant or butcher shop with precision and efficiency. With its reliability, performance, ergonomic design and advanced cutting system, this cutter will meet the expectations of even the most demanding professionals.

The cutter has an infinitely variable blade speed control in the range of 200-6,000 RPM

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  • ProducerNowicki
  • ModelKN-60
  • Height1800 mm
  • Width1060 mm
  • Length1470 mm
  • Weight1350 kg
  • Year of production2009
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