Borncut BC300-3 portion cutter (3-cameras)

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With speeds of up to 1,500 cuts per minute, Borncut Model 300 Portion Cutters are the ultimate way to produce precise, fixed-weight portions of fresh meats. Borncut machine optimizes your capacity while reducing product giveaway and integrates easily with complex production lines.

The BC300-3 has one top camera plus 2 side camera’s for scanning shaped products like whole round beef and pork muscle meats.

Advanced Technology
The high speed and superior precision of Borncut Portion Cutters are the result of developing a sophisticated system that has been honed to perfection. The experienced developers from Borncut have designed the “ultimate” machine by combining the best attributes of various advanced technologies. Incorporating a high-resolution 400 Hz camera, advanced servo-technology, a precise laser system plus advanced software for calculating the product density and converting the data to cutting specs, Borncut Portion Cutting machines are capable of handling their tasks with unprecedented speeds and precision.
The cutting spec consists of “cutting blocks” which can be formulated in endless combinations to tailor the setup and obtain the highest yield from each product.


Max. cutting speed 1,500 cuts/min.
Max. belt speed: 700 mm/s
Max. product length: 800 mm
Max. product width: 300 mm
Max. product height: 120 mm
Belt/product height: 800-1,000 mm
Belt width: 300 mm
Conveyor belt maximum length: 730 mm

  • ProducerBorncut
  • ModelBC300-3
  • Typeportion cutter
  • Power supply480V / 3Ph / 16A / 50Hz
  • Height1705 mm
  • Width1120 mm
  • Length3150 mm
  • Year of production2019