Bizerba GLM-Emaxx 40 weigh-price labeller

Looking for a high-performance weigh-price labeller with a compact footprint? Meet the 2018 Bizerba GLM-Emaxx 40!

Compact and versatile:

Ideal for labelling variable weight products in retail, industry and other sectors.
Can operate as a standalone unit with manual feeding or integrate into existing production lines.
Occupies minimal working space while providing high labelling throughput of up to 50 products per minute (ppm).

Precision and reliability:

Accurate weighing of up to 6 kg with an accuracy of 1 gram guarantees minimal waste and correct product pricing.
Robust construction with easy-to-clean materials ensures long-lasting operation.

Key features of the Bizerba GLM-Emaxx 40 (2018):

Labelling capacity: max. 50 labels/minute
Weighing range: max. 6 kg / min. 20 g / accuracy of 1 g
Belt dimensions: 300 x 400 mm
Label format: 120 mm / 80 mm
Can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a production line

Invest in the Bizerba GLM-Emaxx 40 (2018) and enjoy:

Fast and precise weight and price labelling
Space saving thanks to the compact design
Versatility for use in a variety of industries
Robust design and easy to clean

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  • ProducerBizerba
  • ModelGLM-Emaxx 40
  • Height1550 mm
  • Width800 mm
  • Length1350 mm
  • Weight150 kg
  • Year of production2018
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