Baader 600 Separator

The Baader 600 Separator is an advanced device used in the food industry for efficient separation of meat from bones, skin, tendons, and other unwanted elements.

Its innovative mechanical system and processing technology ensure high performance and accuracy, allowing for fast and effective preparation of various types of meat.

The Baader 600 Separator is designed to minimize meat loss and provide consistent end product quality. It is equipped with advanced features such as an adjustable air flow system and precision cutting elements, enabling effective removal of unwanted components while minimizing meat damage.

This advanced machine is also user-friendly and easy to maintain. It features an intuitive control panel that allows for easy adjustment of operating parameters. Additionally, the machine components that come into contact with meat are easily removable and designed for easy cleaning.

The Baader 600 Separator is a reliable tool that significantly streamlines the meat separation process in the food industry, contributing to the production of high-quality meat products.

  • ProducerBaader
  • Model600
  • Power1,5kW
  • Power supply400V / 50Hz
  • Height1200mm
  • Width800mm
  • Length1000mm
  • Weight230kg
  • Year of production2013
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