Automatic industrial meat slicer Bizerba A500

The Bizerba A-500 is an automatic industrial slicer with innovative technology for weighing individual slices such as steaks and schnitzels, sausage slices and cheese blocks.
Each slice slices at the target weight between 50 and 300 gr; deviations for homogeneous and slightly irregular products are only about 4%. In this way, product losses due to uneconomical excesses are significantly reduced (by 15%).

Slicing and stacking of cold cuts and cheese.
Decorative product placement with a capacity of 250 slices per minute (without weight), 200 slices per minute (with portion weighing function) and up to 60 individual slices with the new slice weighing functionality.

  • Producer
  • ModelA500
  • Typeautomatic meat slicing machine
  • Power2.3 kW
  • Power supply400 V
  • Height1900 mm
  • Width800 mm
  • Length2050 mm
  • Year of production2006