Automatic Double-Clipper Poly-clip FCA 3463


The FCA 3463 automatic doubleclipper closes all plastic, fibrous and collagen casings from a calibre of 40 to 120 mm, and even larger in the case of special applications. This flexibility in the calibre range is achieved by rapid change of the clip sizes from 15 to 18 mm and of the voiding distance from 30 to 36 mm. For loose filling, free from air, of formed products, an additional overspreading with a total voiding distance of 130 mm is available.


Function and operation

The FCA 3463 is connected mechanically and electrically to the stuffer. The voiding separator provides portions of precise weight, which are clipped as single sausages or rings. Highest safety standards are guaranteed with the two-handed trigger operation required to start the first clip. The automatic double-clipper is controlled electronically via a PLC and servo-frequency inverter. Product-specific can be saved and recalled in plain text. Operator and service level are clearly separated from one another with the service level being password protected. The holder for the standard casing brake is also suitable for use with the optional pneumatic casing brake. The machine can be swung on and off to allow casings to be reloaded.



The FCA 3463 can be coupled with the TSA. The TSA (transfer sealing machine) uses flat roll stock film and supplies the ready-to-fill tube to the doubleclipper.

  • Producer
  • ModelFCA 3463
  • TypeAutomatic Double-Clipper
  • Power2,8 kW
  • Height2170 mm
  • Width1575 mm
  • Length1300 mm
  • Weight625 kg
  • Year of production2005
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