Automatic clipper Tipper Tie DCSV 5000

The Tipper Tie DCSV 5000 clipper has been specially developed for products with large dimensions. In addition to the normal product groups, such as raw, boiled and baked sausages, other products such as hams, smoked or pressed meat and cheeses can also be reliably clippered. Natural and collagen casings as well as plastic casings are suitable for closing in the range from 50 to 220 Ø. An adjustable conveyor belt ensures a continuous workflow.

Tipper Tie DCSV 5000 has been designed according to the latest principles of ergonomics and hygiene. When constructing this fully automatic machine, great importance was attached to safety.

Profitability, functionality and reliability are the hallmarks of the DCSV 5000.

  • Producer
  • ModelDCSV 5000
  • Typedouble automatic clipper
  • Power4.4 kW
  • Power supply400V / 50Hz / 3N
  • Dimensions260 × 165 × 125 cm
  • Year of production2008
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