APEX 500 Metal Detector

Belt metal detector APEX 500 enables effective detection of metals that may be found in products transported on the production line in food facilities. As a result, food distributed to shops or catering does not contain harmful elements. The high sensitivity of the detector is far beyond the accepted standards. It is as much as 20 higher than the value required by regulations. Apex 500 is undoubtedly the device necessary for quality control.

Food metal detector Apex 500 is intuitive to use and installation is not complicated. In addition, it is easy to keep it clean and carry out the necessary maintenance. For the food industry, reliability and health at work are important due to sanitary and epidemiological regulations and regular inspections. An additional advantage of the device is the possibility of remote monitoring and control of work, thanks to the Modbus protocol and a solid-state control panel with a simple picture interface.

The main advantages of the APEX 500 tape metal detector from Termo Fisher Scientific are:

– stainless steel housing, shock and dent resistant, ensures low failure rate and thus prevents production downtime,

– high sensitivity prevents the distribution of products containing hazardous elements,

– high performance thanks to ingIntellitrack XR (IXR) technology, guarantees that the device can work very long and without interruption,

– many variants of the detector holes allow you to adjust to the size of the items on the production line.


  • Producer
  • ModelAPEX 500
  • Typegate detector
  • Power0.6 kW
  • Power supply230 V
  • Height115 cm
  • Width88 cm
  • Length200 cm
  • Tape dimensions200 x 38 cm
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